The woman, who went to her husband’s rescue, suffered very serious injuries and is in the intensive care unit of Concordia hospital.

An 86-year-old man and his 85-year-old wife were attacked by a deer on a farm located in El Cimarrón, near the town of Federal, Entre Ríos, Argentina. Both were left in critical condition, with the elderly man eventually succumbing to his very serious injuries.

According to TN, the incident occurred at the end of December. The couple had placed two deer in captivity, a male and a female, to eradicate the ants that had invaded the place.

While taking the male to another area, the animal violently attacked Jose Gottig, causing him serious injuries. His wife, Maria Bach, tried to help him, but was also attacked.

The elderly couple had to be rushed to hospital. Gottig had very deep punctures, several abrasions, fractures and an injury to his colon, which required surgery. Due to the complexity of his injuries, the octogenarian ended up dying.

Maria also suffered a perforation in the dorsal area and broke two ribs. The woman remains hospitalised in intensive care with a very poor prognosis.